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We have been acutely aware that ESG Policy is racing up the Supplier Management agenda and we recognise that despite our comparatively small fleet size that we have to set our sights as high as some of our Global customers in this area.

When sourcing new premises for our Manchester operation, location, location, location were our top three priorities. With a key team of employees, each with well over twenty years’ service we had to ensure that we met their demographic needs with equal measure to the operational wish list. Good fortune presented an opportunity of a 5-acre site in Chadderton on the outskirts of the M60 Manchester Ring Road. It improved the majority of the journey times of most of employees and was also ideally located for public transport, with the added benefit of the Manchester Metro Link running literally alongside the site and a station within 5 minutes’ walk.

As you would expect the Environmental Impact of us taking over the site was a key factor in most of the planning conditions attached by the Local Council. We ensured that Cycling was safely and securely accommodated. Eight Fast Charging points were installed, and all our company cars are now either Hybrid or Fully Electric powered. Forklift Trucks are now exclusively Rechargeable Electric configuration. We invested heavily in power saving components as we renovated the site, installing LED Lighting inside and out and motion sensors where appropriate to reduce consumption.

Our next phase of vehicle power transition focuses on Temperature Controlled trailers. Our first fully electric powered Pharma spec trailer is on show this week at the Exhibition. As you expect a significant change such as this was subjected to a vigorous Risk Assessment and then managed through to completion in line with our Change Control procedure. The highest scoring risk was the competence of the Batteries to power the trailer when in a fixed position for any length of time. Extensive testing showed that with the trailer running in line with our SOP’s on Continuous Mode configured to a twin compartment chamber running at +5°C at the front and +20° C was unsafe beyond five hours. As our first and foremost responsibility is to protect the product and subsequently the patients with whose medicines we are entrusted. To minimise this risk, we approached the trailer manufacturer for a belt and braces solution, culminating in the installation of a traditional diesel engine being fitted to the trailer as a back up power source should the batteries be expended. We now have a solution that delivers a zero emissions solution for the trailer operation with piece of mind that we have an alternative power supply should we need it. Solar Power is listed in our 2024 / 2025 objectives to further reduce and offset our carbon Footprint.

Historically the absence of a Compliant & Independent shared user transport model from GB to Ireland, particularly for Cold Chain Medicines resulted in moving sensitive products on dedicated vans and specialist couriers. This dedicated vehicle may be carrying single parcels, and returning empty, having a massive environmental and financial cost. Multiply this up to the number of shipments moving and the impact is huge.

Linking the two categories, Innovation & Sustainability we believe that through constructing and delivering an end-to-end / parcel to pallet, shared user and independent GDP service from GB to the Island of Ireland is having a tangible positive impact on our Clients Climate responsibilities. It also reduces costs significantly to already, overburdened health authorities.

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