Workshop Seminars

11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Workshop: The Future of the Pharma Industry and What it Will Take to Succeed


In 2022 a new word just entered the Collins English Dictionary. ‘Permacrisis – an extended period of instability and insecurity’. This will present unique challenges and opportunities to everyone in the Pharma Industry. Important questions must be answered:

  • How will companies cut costs (by 30% +) and maintain compliance?
  • How will you turn ‘disruptions’ into business advantage?
  • What must you stop doing, start doing and do better?
  • How will you attract, retain, and develop the best talent?
  • How can you educate your team – without a budget?
  • How can leaders make the right decisions despite the pressure, stress, and high levels of uncertainty?


This will be a PowerPoint free zone! To achieve deep learning and personal development the session will be highly interactive and involve group work and problem solving. The session has three key objectives:

  • To examine the challenges you face and to answer all your questions
  • To summarize what it will take to thrive in a Permacrisis
  • To have fun and leave the session buzzing with new thoughts, ideas, and solutions

Session Duration: 2.5 hours

This workshop must be pre-booked, and by individuals who have already registered to attend Making Pharmaceuticals or Distributing Pharmaceuticals.  Applicants will be notified 2 weeks before the event whether they have a place on the workshop.

Please book your place HERE