Sponsorship Opportunities

There are a number of key opportunities at Making Pharmaceuticals that allow exhibitors to gain extra exposure during and after the event. These sponsorship opportunities are a great way to enhance your participation at the UK’s largest free to attend Pharmaceutical exhibition & conference and will further help draw attention to your stand, increase your branding exposure and improve distribution of key information.

All sponsors are acknowledged in the Exhibition Catalogue distributed to all attendees.

The lanyards are one of the most prominent and valued branding items available at Making Pharma. These are given to every attendee and every exhibitor at Making Pharmaceuticals. Highly visible on site, and viewed by absolutely everyone over the 2 days, they retained after the exhibition, so also provide exposure and brand awareness after the event.

All attendees to Making Pharmaceuticals will receive an event Tote bag upon arrival. This will be branded with your company logo and will be carried by all visitors throughout the event. They are usually kept by attendees long after the event is over, giving your company and brand extended exposure.

There are three popular Networking Areas strategically placed around the exhibition. These areas are where the attendees go to sit, eat and above all, network.

As sponsor, your company name and logo will be displayed on a large banner over Networking Zone A, indicating that the area is sponsored by you. There will also be information plaques on every table, allowing you to display more detailed information about your company’s services and products, highlighting your website and stand location. You can also choose to maximise the sponsorships full potential and make business cards available for visitors in this area.

This is the main promotional item and announces the bulk of the conference content and the exhibition to thousands of potential attendees. This is sent out via our database, through our media partners and via our multiple supporting organisations to their members (please see website for the comprehensive list of these). It is also the last item of major promotional material that is distributed before the event opens.

Upon arrival, every single attendee to Making Pharmaceuticals must go to the registration desk. As one of the most visible points within the event it ensures that your branding is one of the first that visitors interact with onsite.

The impact of seeing a company’s decals and logos on here is immediately powerful and lasting. The registration desk also features heavily in event photography and the video and so would be promoted on the Making Pharmaceuticals website and YouTube channel over the following year. This means impact not only on onsite visitors for 2020, but also those looking up the event for 2021.

In 2019, for the first time at Making Pharmaceuticals we introduced the opportunity for a company to sponsor a conference room within the exhibition hall. Each room sponsor will get their company branding over the entrance to their designated room and will have an enhanced listing as the conference room sponsor within the event catalogue. Outside of the rooms we have large conference schedules, which will feature your company logo. If you are interested in sponsoring more than one room, please contact us, as there may be package deals available.

Be the first Company that all visitors see and remember, the main entrance to the Ricoh Arena has a new digital banner display and as the most commanding signage for the event, can’t be missed by attendees as they arrive to the event.  Your company name, logo and stand number will appear alongside the Making Pharmaceuticals branding.

Each year Making Pharmaceuticals releases a video of the event, which gets thousands of views throughout the year. This is an opportunity to become the sponsor of the Making Pharmaceuticals promotional event video with your company name and logo featuring on and throughout the piece.

Making Pharmaceuticals produce a post event breakdown of attendance every year. Post-event, a digital copy of this is sent to every single attendee, exhibitor, speaker and also potential future exhibiting companies. The Organisers Statement is also published on the Making Pharmaceutical website and on our social media channels.

Having your company name and logo highlighted on the Organisers Statement is a great way to get further exposure beyond the exhibition and conference and solidify your company as one at the forefront of the Pharmaceutical sector in the UK.

This option enables you to send a targeted email to the pre-registered attendees registered for Making Pharmaceuticals 2020. Many exhibitors use this option to increase their branding in advance of the show, let a very concentrated audience from the industry know about their latest product developments and to promote to the UK pharmaceutical community exactly where they can find you when they visit Making Pharmaceuticals 2020.

The package of 3 has proved the most popular with companies being able to stagger the effect, hit more attendees with each additional email, leaving a longer lasting impression prior to the event.

Held in the main Networking Zone ‘A@ towards the end of Day 1, this drinks reception is incredibly popular with exhibition & conference attendees. Each year it brings together the attendees, exhibitors and speakers for an informal drink and relaxed networking at the end of a very busy first day. It’s an excellent way to get your company brand seen in a less formal setting and sends the message that “the drinks are on you” which is always popular.

Everyone arriving who hasn’t pre-registered for Making Pharmaceuticals, is required to fill out a registration form and they do this at the Form Filling Counter where your company can have their branding. This desk is in a prominent position and highly visible within the entrance area to Making Pharmaceuticals. It is seen not only by those who need to use the desk but by those walking in.

A gift for all visitors to Making Pharmaceuticals 2020 to take away with them, chosen and supplied by the sponsoring company. We encourage a branded object such as an umbrella, note pad, calendar, water bottle, or whatever you choose to supply. Your branded gift will be available at Registration and at various points throughout the exhibition and conference rooms. Attendees value these gifts and they tend to be kept for long after the event particularly the more functional items.

One of the most popular draws among the attendees to encourage them to arrive early and before 10am on both days, is the promise of a free breakfast roll and hot tea or coffee. The voucher will be clearly branded with your company logo and is a great way to say to the attendees “have a coffee on us”. Each year this option has more and more take up from visitors and can be combined with the sponsored HTML option to ensure everyone knows It’s you providing that for them. We always do some marketing around the early breakfast provision too.

Similar to the Breakfast voucher, another draw for attendees to arrive before 10am on both days is that they will receive complimentary all-day parking. As the parking sponsor, your logo will be clearly featured on the voucher and this is a great way to let the attendees arriving by car know, that their complimentary parking is courtesy of your company. Again, it’s something else you can promote when marketing your presence at the event either through our pre-reg HTML option or your own marketing.

Place your marketing material in a prominent location on the registration desk so that it is available for all attendees to Making Pharmaceuticals to pick up on their arrival. All pre-registered visitors have to go to the registration desk in order to collect their badges, so having an insert here acts not only as a branding interaction, but also is an early opportunity to let attendees know where they can find you within the exhibition and drive further traffic to your stand.

A hugely popular option, adverts tend to get booked up quickly in the Event Catalogue, due to it being picked up by all event attendees and also taken away for further review post-event too. It’s actively used over the period of both days and also contains the conference schedules and other important information so is used as a reference point for visitors onsite. An advert will ensure your branding is repeatedly seen by these attendees.

The opportunity to exclusively sponsor one or more exhibition zone, by having your company logo hung above your chosen zone/zones. Sponsorship will also be dictated on all printed material pertaining to that zone as well as on the website on the designated page.