Dr Mohamed Albed Alhnan

Reader In Innovative Pharmaceutics

King's College London


Mohamed A. Alhnan is a Reader in Innovative Pharmaceutics at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (IPS), King’s College London (KCL). His research focuses on applying the latest advances in material science and electronics in the pharmaceutical field. His fundamental research led to several world firsts; first example of using pharmaceutical grade polymers in fused deposition modelling (FDM) 3D printing (3DP) , first 3D printed tablets to meet the US and British Pharmacopoeias for delayed release products, and first examples of 3DP of liquid-filled capsules. He introduced and patented the innovative concept of tablets of complex architecture as a solution for fast disintegration and dissolution (WO2017072536A1) and invented a novel approach for polymer extrusion under low temperature (WO2016038356A1). Dr Alhnan (h-index 31) has published >50 peer-reviewed articles, 20 of which focus on manufacturing dosage forms using innovative technologies and generated over £1.5M from research council grants (EPSRC) and industrial collaborations.

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