Innovation in Distribution

Aramex Nursing Fleet

Utilising field nurses for efficient doorstep service entails not only delivering essential materials but also providing patients with vital information. Beyond mere delivery, these nurses are equipped to extract samples, conduct tests, and monitor patients’ vitals. They ensure proper packaging according to IATA guidelines, seamlessly integrating into patient/trial management apps. Samples collected throughout the day are centralised for pickup by designated drivers, streamlining the journey back to the lab.

Originally conceived amidst the challenges of Covid, this initiative addresses the needs of patients who dropped out of clinical trials due to limited access to clinics. It also serves as an extension of our existing pathology movement. For immobile or ill patients, the nursing fleet brings trial/pathology services to their doorstep, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

The unique selling proposition (USP) of the Nursing Fleet lies in its consolidation of ancillary material movement and specimen transport. By entrusting these tasks to medical professionals (nurses) and integrating them into a single platform, we offer a holistic solution for monitoring appointments, outcomes, and deliveries. This streamlined approach not only boosts clinical trial participation but also enhances the likelihood of trial success.

This innovative solution has enabled Contract Research Organisations (CROs) to maintain study continuity and expand patient outreach. Moreover, it has garnered interest from clients seeking to enhance the patient experience, particularly in niche areas such as insulin injections and other specialised medications.

How is this different?

This is the first of it’s kind service offered by logistics providers / freight forwarders, reaching patients with the end to end solution service.
UK, EU and US based companies now have the ability to set up trials without substantial infrastructural setups in South Africa enabling larger studies with ease.

What makes this service special?

• Participant can join a study from the comfort of their home enabling studies to expand their reach of patients and reduce dropouts
• No need to travel or to be exposed because of entering hospitals/clinics
• Helps reduce the time and financial burden on patients
• Positively impact recruitment and retention efforts. Up to 32% more likely to conclude a study successfully
• Opens door for more diverse participant pool and increases participation rate

What makes it innovative?

• Utilising field nurses to collect and deliver to a patients door while being able to provide the necessary information required by the patient and to extract a sample, administer a test or take a patients vitals they will also be able to collect and package the sample correctly(Iata guidelines), scan into a patient/trial management app and take the samples collected throughout the day in the area to a central location for a driver to collect and enter the network for delivery back to lab.

• For DTP delivery that calls for an experienced nurse/medical professional to conduct a test or ensure a product is being used correctly, we need to develop a solution that utilises the skills of a field nurse and the ability to collect, package, and deliver from the Customer(CRO, Pathology lab, pharmacy) to the patient and back.
• Partnership agreement – 2300 sisters in the field already collecting samples from patients for patholigy labs and insurance companies covering 95% of SA and able to service same day
• Fully integrated app is POPI compliant and all information can be captured and linked to CRO management for full visibility and management during the trial -****Levels of access to patient and trial information protocol dependent****

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