Workshop: Making Pharmaceuticals… Sustainably?

Led by:

Adam Hawthorne, Senior Process Engineer– PM Group (ISPE UK Facilitator)

 Adrian LaPorta,Technical Director– Bryden Wood (IChemE Facilitator)

  Claire Edwards, Haleon Group (IMechE Facilitator)

Time: 09.30am
Date: 25 April

Facilitated by members of IMehcE, ISPE, and IMechE, please register to attend this workshop using the form below.


Manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals causes significant greenhouse gas emissions. Many leading pharmaceutical companies have pledged impressive remissions reductions but the challenges of implementing these, whilst maintaining or improving access to medicines, are complex.  In this workshop, facilitated  by the institutions of chemical and mechanical engineers and the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (UK affiliate), we invite pharmaceutical  professionals to discuss how to  accelerate the transition to sustainability. We invite you to consider how to:

  • Take a holistic view of sustainability in the sphere of pharmaceuticals
  • Achieve or help others achieve independently measurable improvements in sustainability
  • Inject urgency and move away from a business-as-usual approach
  • Co-ordinate effectively with other decarbonisation initiatives
  • Maintain the pace of innovation in improving human health, whilst achieving sustainability
  • Improve access to medicines, whilst achieving sustainability

Requirements for attendance:

Because of the style and content of the session attendance will be by invitation with a limited number of attendees. To apply for a workshop place, please complete the following questionnaire, by 3rd April.   (Please note: This information will be kept anonymous.) Only individuals that have registered to attend Making Pharmaceuticals or Distributing Pharmaceuticals as well as completing the workshop application form, will be eligible for a place at the workshop.

There will be a presentation to brief! To achieve deep discussions and development the session will be highly interactive and involve group work and problem solving. The session has three key objectives:

  • To examine the challenges we face
  • To provide direction for pharmaceutical personnel working in this subject area
  • To share new thoughts, ideas, and solutions

Session Duration: 1.25 hours*