The Online HUB

As part of our digital ‘Keeping Pharma Connected’ initiative, a selection of on-demand webinars and product demonstration videos have been provided by exhibitors, and other pharmaceutical experts for the pharma community to benefit from, & are available to access below.


In this product video, we highlight the benefits of Metrohm’s Handheld Instant Raman Analyser (Mira) Pharmaceutical addition. Metrohm’s high resolution handheld Raman spectrometer features wide spectral coverage along with a compact and lightweight design, low power consumption and flexible sampling accessories to provide Raman capabilities both inside the lab and in the warehouse/goods in. With is CFR21 part 11 compliant software, it not only identifies raw material but verifies the raw material is of good quality.

Sensum d.o.o

Continuous risk and cost optimization is of most importance in any industry, especially in pharma. See how we combined two processes into one with our SPINE FIBO and did just that!

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NSF Health Sciences Limited

When access to your supplier’s facilities is limited or not permitted, how can you assure yourself of the quality standards in operation to provide continuity of supply of medicinal products? Find out about our four-step approach to remote and virtual GMP auditing which helps you to unlock supply chains and meet cGMP needs in clinical trial supply or routine commercial operations.

Crest Solutions

Machine-vision system for rapid and accurate counting of vials.  Increases efficiency of vial counting at different stages of the process, e.g. post-filling, pre- and post-autoclave, post-labelling etc.  Numerous formats can be stored and easily called up for different sizes and cap colours of vials.  Fully CFR21 Part 11 compliant.

ISIS Steam

ISIS Steam are the exclusive UK partner for Valsteam ADCA, a leading manufacturer of steam valves and associated equipment. Along with their valves for plant steam systems, ISIS Steam also supply the ADCAPure range, which is a range of valves and equipment specific for the pharmaceutical industry and is designed for the use on clean steam and high purity systems. Completely manufactured in Portugal, the ADCAPure range is cleaned, polished, assembled, and tested all at their in-house ISO7 certified clean room facility. For more information on the product range or for any advice on steam system design and how to make sure that you are maximising your steam performance, please speak to one our sales team.

PCT Mass

Proven Mass Flow Performance for Bioprocess & Bioreactor Applications

BASF plc

Welcome to ZoomLab™! ZoomLab™, from BASF, is a new on-line tool to assist in the development of new solid dosage forms. ZoomLab™ provides guidance on suggested formulations, excipients and blending, and gives insight into the blend characteristics to help you make better medicines. ZoomLab™ contains information about 3rd party materials, not just BASF products, and is constantly being updated, with new capabilities added regularly. Free and easy to use – make a part of your development toolbox.


Medelpharm is a high precision engineering company manufacturing R&D presses and providing innovative solutions for powder analysis and formulation. Since 1985 we have been specialists in designing and manufacturing tableting instruments that work with high-speed and precision, but at the same time easy to use. For formulation scientists and pilot plant developers looking for assistance in powder characterization, solid dosage formulation or production troubleshooting, Medelpharm can offer a comprehensive portfolio of multi-functional tableting instruments, R&D presses and high-speed compaction simulators as well as process equipment and extensive lab services in tableting, granulation and coating.