Prof Dr Bindhu Gururajan

Senior Expert, Science and Technology



Prof Dr Bindhu Gururajan is Senior Expert. Science and Technology for Formulation and Process Development and a High Performance Pharmaceutical Development Formulation Project Leader in Novartis Pharma, Basel, Switzerland. He has done his Masters in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of Birmingham, U.K. Later did his Post-Doctoral research in Pharmaceutical Sciences with University of Greenwich, U.K. based in Pfizer Research Center, Sandwich site on granulation process scale up and modelling. He is an Internationally recognized Pharmaceutical Granulation Expert.  He has two decades of hands on practical experience in drug development and delivery by working for four major pharmaceutical company namely Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Novartis in his career. He is certified Chartered Engineer and Chartered Scientist. Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Engineers, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma for quality management system.

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