Dr Nicola Wall


Afortiori Development


Dr. Nicola Wall is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Afortiori Development founded in 2016 to address the need for improved clinical trial design, planning and management to promote efficient and cost effective clinical trials. She has an exceptional background within the pharmaceutical,  medical technology and healthcare sectors with over 20 years of diverse experience. She has managed multiple types of projects across a range of therapeutic areas for a number of large and small clients spanning all areas of clinical development including regulatory, data management, safety, quality and organisational effectiveness. Nicola has also managed global clinical trials in Oncology and Neurology with responsibility for 29 countries across the entire clinical trial process. She excels in strategic planning, process re-engineering, systems implementation and organisational design. She has worked for a number of years as an  independent consultant for the UK national health service working on hospital operational planning, business cases and ways to implement new models of care.

Nicola has focused on clinical trial delivery to fulfil a lifelong dream to work with highly motivated and respected colleagues and collaborators to improve the design and delivery of clinical trials. This means playing a pivotal role in the development of important medicines and new technologies to address unmet medical need. Nicola believes that integrity, transparency and efficiency combined with experience and motivation results in the most successful projects and clinical studies. Having worked closely with a number of small medical technology companies in recent years, she enjoys the challenges that come with designing a wide range of studies to meet both regulatory and commercial objectives by acting as a client partner throughout the clinical development journey.

She attained all three of her degrees at the University of Manchester in the UK including her PhD in the Economics that focused on patterns of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.


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