Dr Gillian Lakareber



Dr Gillian Lakareber is the author of ‘A Guide to Patient Recruitment & Retention in Clinical Research:  The 6 Core Outcome Factors which affect patient recruitment’ 2021. She is a multi-award-winning clinical research professional with many years of experience in various roles within clinical research. She holds a Doctorate degree from California Intercontinental University (California) with a specialization in Healthcare Management and Leadership; a Masters degree in Clinical Research from Liverpool University (England) and a Bachelor’s of Science degree from University of Kent (England). She is member of the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR). Dr Lakareber is an ardent advocate in raising awareness of robust patient recruitment and retention strategies, with the aim of accelerating lifesaving interventions to patients.

Book: A Guide to Patient Recruitment & Retention in Clinical Research (available on Amazon).

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