Effect of Proper Pressure Safety Device Selection on Sustainable Processing of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Media

Time: 4:25 pm - 4:45 pm

Date: 28 April 2020


Overpressure protection on bioprocessing and pharmaceutical equipment needs to be considered to protect life and investments. In cases where unacceptable pressure levels can be reached safe and reliable pressure protection devices are required. Regulatory standards such as EN13311 specify the requirements for general biotechnology equipment whilst some specific processing equipment is listed with recommended solutions.
One of the often-underestimated health risks is related to the unintended leakage of pressure relief devices such as conventional pressure relief valves, leading to either ingress of microorganisms affecting the quality of processed media or exposure of public or workers to potentially hazardous media. Choosing a suitable leak-tight pressure relief solution such as bespoke rupture or bursting disc devices can mitigate such risks whilst avoiding potential cross contaminations between individual production batches by their smooth and cleanable surface configuration.


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