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Raman Spectroscopy Solutions for In Line and Off Line Monitoring

From raw material qualification, in-process monitoring to finished product analysis, Raman Spectroscopy offers time and cost savings for process and bioprocess quality control. Discover how you can optimize your bioprocess workflows with handheld and portable Raman analysers.

Introduction to Pharmacovigilance

Roshan will provide a simplified overview of Pharmacovigilance (PV).  The presentation will cover a background of PV, relevant laws and regulations, role of a QPPV and ultimately how PV plays an integral role in patient safety.

Workshop: Helping to Secure the Pharmaceutical Excipient Supply Chain

Back in 1998, the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that there were more than 500 deaths worldwide in the previous 60 years caused by use of falsified excipients. Since then, even very recently, further examples have occurred within the supply chain with dramatic impact caused for example by criminal activity, contamination, mislabelling, or upgrading of… Read more »

Partnership in Pharmaceutical Industry Post Covid: Collaboration and Competition Relationship

Covid 19 pandemic changed the dynamics of pharmaceutical companies and how they operate. It facilitated the research-based alliances and changed the perception toward partnership in the industry. The need for collaboration between competitors obligated companies to maintain the balance between collaboration and competition. The distribution of new molecules in different countries and region requires new… Read more »

Workshop: Making Pharmaceuticals… Sustainably?

“Workshop: Making Pharmaceuticals…Sustainably Led by Adrian LaPorta / Claire Edwards / Adam Hawthorne Manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals causes significant greenhouse gas emissions. Many leading pharmaceutical companies have pledged impressive remissions reductions but the challenges of implementing these, whilst maintaining or improving access to medicines, are complex.  In this workshop, facilitated  by the institutions of… Read more »