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Bridging Silos to Enable End-to-End Traceability: A Case Study in Optimising Pharmaceutical Batch Operations with Digital Transformation

In the pharmaceutical industry, outdated technology and fragmented systems have resulted in disjointed processes and increased potential for errors. Particularly in batch review and release, disparate systems hinder efficient data-exchange, leading to delays and inefficiencies. This presentation highlights the need for integrated solutions to enable end-to-end traceability, emphasising the importance of breaking down silos and… Read more »

Intra-target Micro-dosing 1st In-human Clinical Trials to Speed Up Drug Discovery – Manufacturing And Regulatory Aspects

Drug development is a lengthy, complex and expensive activity, which leads to a large temporal discrepancy between scientific discoveries and their use in clinics. Intra-target Micro-dosing trials attempt to shorten this delay by delivering a safe, low, non-therapeutic dose directly at the disease site to extract important pharmacodynamic data to assess API efficiency from the… Read more »

Environmental Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical and Health Care Supply Chain

Highlighting how Environmental Sustainability is considered in the Pharmaceutical and Health Care Supply Chain whilst maintaining a high standard of service, without compromising compliance. Will also discuss how the transport sector, and more specifically the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare transport sector, must be practical in their approach to Environmental Sustainability as well as also the consideration… Read more »

Supply Chain Resilience in the Post-COVID Era

In the current dynamic landscape of disruptive challenges, ranging from geopolitical tensions to the spectre of inflation, firms are compelled to identify new levers to strengthen their Supply Chains (SC). At the same time, companies are required to pursue a twin transition, i.e. the simultaneous digital and “green” transformation. In this presentation, we will put… Read more »

Why is Quality Culture Critical To Manufacturing Success?

Organizational culture change is not something that is developed overnight or implemented via a set of instructions, nor is it something that can be changed by minor adjustments to a few people’s behaviors. It takes time and effort. Most importantly, it takes sustained commitment, unwavering dedication to an aligned approach, robust and constructive minimization of… Read more »

Using Technology to Scale the Distribution of Medical Product Donations Globally

Two billion people globally live without access to essential medicines. Healthcare companies want to do more to support communities but can be put off by the labour-intensive processes involved and the compliance risks posed. Introducing, Boaz, a SaaS product that bridges the gap between healthcare companies and NGOs. Boaz makes managing the complexities of the… Read more »

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