RSSL Webinar

Nitrosamine Testing – Removing The Roadblocks Dr Daniel Nicolau Technical Specialist in Impurities RSSL Are you hitting roadblocks with your Nitrosamines Impurity Analysis? To help you maximise your expertise and capability we will be discussing the appropriate sample preparation that  ensures suitably extraction of relevant nitrosamine impurities to complement your analytical methods, helping you to... Read more »

CPI Webinar

Innovation in Medicines Manufacturing via the MMIC Dr David Berry CPI

EXCiPACT Webinar

The Future of Excipient Audits Post-Covid-19 Dr Iain Moore President EXCiPACT asbl

PQG Webinar

GDP Requirements and the ECA/PQG Good Distribution Practice monographs Philip Butson Pharmaceutical Quality Group

IPEC Webinar

The Role of Excipients in Paediatric Formulations Kevin Hughes IPEC Europe

Packing Collective Webinar

E-Pils; Using Smart Packaging Systems to Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Sales Through Enhanced Communication Chris Waterhouse Packaging Collective

APS Webinar

Process Engineering and Formulation Focus Group – Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr Kendal Pitt GSK Manufacturing Classification System: Putting Numbers to Tablet Development Prof Zeeshan Ahmad The Leicester School of Pharmacy, De Montfort University, UK Electrically Driven Emerging Technologies for the Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Dosages

IChemE Webinar

Presentations by IChemE Simon Coleman Product Manager - Isolation and Drying AWL Filling the gap in continuous pharmaceutical technologies: A novel continuous filtration drying system Sam Fass Communications Coordinator at IChemE Process Engineer at BPE Design and Support The Importance of Process Simulation in the Pharma Industry Keith Morris Automation subject matter expert PM Group... Read more »

Medilink Webinar

Medilink Presentations Nicola Wall Afortiori Development Working with your CRO: Creating perfect research partnerships in an imperfect research world Richard Weaver XenoGesis Ltd Bridging The Gap Between Discovery and Development - DMPK Influence

ImechE Webinar

Climate Change Challenges Karen Stevenson GlaxoSmithKline