Workshop: Helping to Secure the Pharmaceutical Excipient Supply Chain

Led by:

Dr Iain Moore, Head of Global Quality Assurance, Croda

Ian McKeown, PQG

Time: 09.15 – 10.30am

Date: 26 April 

Back in 1998, the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that there were more than 500 deaths worldwide in the previous 60 years caused by use of falsified excipients. Since then, even very recently, further examples have occurred within the supply chain with dramatic impact caused for example by criminal activity, contamination, mislabelling, or upgrading of industrial grade material manufactured under non-GMP conditions.

As a result, the supply chain of pharmaceutical starting materials, in this case excipients, has been identified by regulators and industry as an important part of medicinal product safety. In a globalised world, excipients are supplied across continents and handled by an increasing
number of different parties. The increasing complexity of the global supply chain brings with it an increased risk in excipient security.

This workshop will seek to show how all parties within the supply chain can be supported (e.g. pharmaceutical excipient manufacturers, distributors, traders, brokers, re-packers,
carriers, warehouse providers) and detail some tools which are available to ensure supply chain security and support global drug safety.


Hear from experts on what’s required to adequately secure the storage and distribution of excipients and join in the discussion as to how this can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The session has these key objectives:

  • Concerns about supply chain security and how that can be assured apply to pharmaceutical excipients.
  • There should be controls in place at each interface to ensure excipient security
    upstream as well as downstream within the supply chain.
  • With increasing complex supply chains, there are tools including third party certification schemes to complement your knowledge of supply chain pedigrees.

Session Duration: 1.25 hours

This workshop must be pre-booked, and by individuals who have already registered to attend Making Pharmaceuticals or Distributing Pharmaceuticals.  Applicants will be notified two weeks before the event whether they have a place on the workshop.