The Pharmaceutical Quality Group

Hall(s): Making Pharmaceuticals
Stand: 807
Category: Pharmaceutical Support Services

Telephone: 020 7245 6866

Company Profile

The Pharmaceutical Quality Group (PQG) is a special interest group of the Chartered Quality Institute and has been providing support for quality professionals in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 50 years:

• Providing a forum for support for the trainee and newly Qualified Person (QP) and on-going advice and support for all QPs and Quality Professionals.
• Arranging regular meetings on Quality Assurance, Good Manufacturing Practice and ‘hot-topics’.
• Developing monographs which provide guidance on a range of regulatory requirements.
• Developing GMP Application Standards and guidance for suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry.
• Managing a Certification Scheme for suppliers of materials to the pharmaceutical industry.
• Acting as the focus for regular liaison with representatives of the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
• Organising co-operative ventures and meetings with several other groups e.g. IPEC, IPAC-RS, with which it shares a common interest.
• Maintaining a website which provides much up to date information.
• Facilitating the opportunity to network with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry enabling our members to improve their knowledge and skills to meet the ever changing requirements of our industry.

PQG is free to join for CQI members or for the annual membership fee of just £17.50 which is easily recouped by the generous discounts for members on events and publications.

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