Jenson R+

Stand: 516
Category: Pharmaceutical Support Services, Regulatory, Technical Consultancy Services

Telephone: +44 (0) 1271 314 320

Company Profile

JensonR+ Limited is a Technical Consultancy with a simple mission; “We aim to promote better health by simplifying the journey from innovation to the marketplace”. We are located in the UK and Ireland.

We will work closely with you; listening to understand your needs. Through a common understanding, we tailor our services to help you accomplish your goals.

From concept through to QP release and commercialisation; we can partner with you at any step in this journey.

Our clients range from small innovators through to large Corporations. JensonR+ specializes in services encompassing pharmaceutical, cosmetics, foods, devices, herbals, and legal due diligence. We have QPPV, QP, RP provision.

Are you Brexit ready? – talk to us.

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