HARKE Pharma GmbH

Stand: 626
Category: Ingredients and Raw Materials Zone

Telephone: +49 (0) 208-3069-2000
Email: pharma@harke.com
Website: https://www.harke.com
Address: Xantener Straße 1 45479 Mülheim a. d. Ruhr Germany

Company Profile

HARKE Pharma GmbH, Germany, is a technology-driven distributor for functional excipients mainly for the preparation of solid dosage forms. Our core competences cover coatings, SR-matrices, tabletting aids, binders, non-pareils and solubilization aids.

We offer HPMC, HPMC-P, AQOAT and L-HPC produced by Shin-Etsu. Our product portfolio includes furthermore PVA, PEO, Shellac, PVP, MCC, Cellets and Sugar Esters.
NEW: We now offer TAP, Ibuprofen DC100, empty gelatin and HPMC capsules as well as Acrylates.

Our service also includes smooth supply-chain management, streamlined QA-communication and free in-house seminars. We look forward to meeting you at booth 626.

You innovate. We enable. HARKE Pharma.

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