Hall(s): Making Pharmaceuticals
Stand: 408
Category: Making Pharmaceuticals

Telephone: 07949 295097
Address: Norcroft Building, Richmond Road, Bradford, BD7 1DP,

Company Profile

CrystecPharma is a crystal and particle engineering company using proprietary modified Supercritical Anti-Solvent (mSAS®) technology to accelerate development, and improve the performance of small and large-molecule medicines.
● Single-step mSAS® process provides rapid transition from feasibility studies to commercial GMP for clinical supply.
● Enables optimised, market-ready drug formulations to enter clinical trials, de-risking development, saving cost and time.
● Solving crystallisation challenges, finding new and predicted solid-state forms, and strengthening intellectual property.
● Drug particles engineered to meet a Target Product Profile (oral, inhaled, nasal), with enhanced stability and exceptionally low levels of impurities or residual solvent.
● Biomolecules processed for high retained activity, ease of reconstitution and delivery, and reduced requirement for cold chain.
mSAS® offers an attractive alternative to conventional particle engineering approaches (e.g. milling, spray drying). Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve the best performance from their products, whilst greatly reducing the risk and timescales of drug development.

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