Addition Design

Stand: 625

Telephone: 01142 693 869

Company Profile

3D printing (additive manufacturing) produces complex, unique components and devices with short lead times and consistent quality. As a digital production process, 3D printing is ideal in applications where low volume, high quality, high performance and high complexity are the factors which drive product value.
As a contract research and development company (CRD), Addition Design and Research is at the forefront of 3D print technology. From our purpose built facility at the Advanced Manufacturing park in Sheffield our experienced team of industrial design specialists are driven by unmet need in the 3D print space. We work with customers in the pharmaceuticals and medical devices markets to push the boundaries of 3D printing where our skills, knowledge, resources, process and product development track record provide specialised solutions which until now have been impossible or prohibitively expensive to produce.

Please also see our sister company Chester Medical Solutions for contract manufacture and assembly services.

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